Beva 371 Film

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    $14.00 to $3,620.95


    For easy application, BEVA 371 solution has been sprayed into film form for easy workability without the use of flammable solvents, and in applications where liquid Beva may not be suitable. 

    Transparent, ideal for relining dark canvas with Mylar or Stabiltex. Very smooth, will not trap air bubbles, not tacky at room temperature, non-toxic, non-flammable. Most often activated by the use of heat thus eliminating the need for ventilation of evaporated solvents. 

    1 mils (.0010") (12.5 microns) thickness suitable for mounting of lightweight papers and fabrics. 

    2.5 mils (.0025") (67 microns) thickness is for use on canvas and heavyweight materials. 

    The 2.5 mils is also available in 54" wide rolls, eliminating the need for multiple strips of adhesive on larger surfaces. This product has the same properties including reversibility as BEVA 371 solution.

    The new Beva 371 27" Master Roll is 510 ft and the new 54" Master Roll is 309 ft,  economical alternatives when working large scale. In addition there are 1/2" rolls. This new size is beneficial when strips of the film need to be used for smaller applications

    Please note that this materials activates at 65C (150F).

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