Aller AirMedic Pro 6 Air Purifiers

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    AllerAir Pro 6 air purifiers offer heavy-duty air purification for larger rooms and businesses. Packed with between 22 and 36 lbs of custom blends of activated carbon, these units are designed to work in spaces of up to 1800 sq. ft. where serious chemical and odor control is a concern. An ideal way to remove fumes from an artist's work space, including airborne volatile organic compounds, particulate matter, mold and dust mites as well as common odors.

    Units are mounted on castors to allow easy mobility for specific locations, or from room to room. Filter is based upon a replaceable canister of activated and granulated carbon, mixed with zeolite and specially impregnated carbons. Activated carbon used can absorb up to 60% of its own weight in toxic gases, fumes and chemicals. Air is circulated over the carbon filter by means of a high efficiency electric motor that is virtually silent. Both HEPA filters and charcoal filters are independently removable.

    Pro 6 Vocarb - A carbon filter with specially enhanced and impregnated carbon designed for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) such as formaldehyde and ammonia. These air purifiers feature 22 lbs. MAC-B carbon filter, impregnated with special compounds designed for specific VOC problems. Also comes with medical grade HEPA filter, two anti-microbial filters and a pre-filter (pro-dense filter).

    Pro 6 HD Vocarb - Designed for situations where significant levels of airborne chemicals, gases, odors or mold spores are among the main problems. This air purifier features an extra-deep, 28 lbs. carbon bed, which increases dwell time, allowing more chemicals, gases and odors to be absorbed. Also comes with micro particulate HEPA filter in place of the medical grade HEPA filter.

    Pro 6 Ultra Vocarb - This air purifier is designed for heavy duty applications. It features a micro HEPA filter to trap particles and an extra-deep, 36 lbs. carbon bed which increases dwell time, allowing more chemicals, gases and odors to be absorbed. The DX is also manufactured with a quiet fan, cylindrical shape to maximize airflow through the larger carbon bed.

    Technical Specifications
    Dimensions [H/D] 23.5"/ 15"
    Shipping weight 54 - 65 lbs.
    Filtration system Carbon, HEPA, Pre-filter
    Carbon filter weight 22 - 36 lbs
    Rated CFM, free flow 560 CFM , cubic feet per minute.
    Max covered area 1800 sq.ft.