Ashland Aqualon CMC-7H3SF PH

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    A pharmaceutical grade, high viscosity (av. 3800 cPs at 2% in water) sodium carboxymethylcellulose suitable for conservation. In the product name, the 7 refers to the typical degree of substitution of 0.7 mole of carboxymethyl / anhydroglucose; the H3 refers to a high viscosity; the S indicates water solutions are smooth; and F means fine granular powder.

    This SCMC is an all-purpose adhesive in concentrations of between 2.5 and 4%. When made with pure water, this SCMC does not spoil and needs no refrigeration. It is soluble in room temperature water by adding the powder to water while stirring. (Caution: Do not use a blender to make higher concentration solutions as they are too thick.) Stirring occasionally over a hour or so will result in a lump-free solution.

    Also commonly called Aqualon and Cellulose Gum.  

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