Methyl Cellulose

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    Methyl Cellulose (methylcellulose) is an adhesive with a wide variety of applications. Commonly used as a bookbinding adhesive for paper, as well as sizing papers and fabrics, thickening water baths for marbling paper, used to loosen and clean off old glue from spines and book boards, or added to PVA to slow down its drying time.

    The adhesive forms a matte finish when used in dilute solutions. The powder mixes easily with cold water and with wheat paste and other adhesives. It is non-staining, will not discolor paper, will not decompose in dry or liquid state and is not affected by heat or freezing. Forms a highly flexible bond but is a weak adhesive.
    Viscosity: 2000 cPs at 2% in water, pH 7.0.

    Commonly referred to as methyocel, or methylcel.  A technical grade product, and generally not advisable for conservation applications.

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