Artcare Alpha Rag Foamboard

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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$299.25 to $511.95



Artcare Alpa Rag Archival Foamboard is a lightweight, rigid board, featuring alkaline pH liners of 100% cotton and the MicroChamber zeolite technology. Commonly used as a backing board in frames, model building, shelf liner, folders, and many other applications where a lightweight rigid board is needed. Artcare Archival foamboard provides unique protective adsorption of compounds off-gassed by polystyrene foam as well as adsorption of environmental contaminants.

The MicroChamber products incorporated in this board effectively remove many harmful compounds such as phenols, ethanoic and methanoic acid, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, and formaldahyde, which contribute to the aging of artwork. The Alpha Rag Artcare boards are faced with a 100% rag (cotton) paper on both sides of the foam center for added protection, and superior surface.

All Items are cartons of 25 Sheets.