Book Repair Kit by Sophia Bogle (Save Your Books)

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    Save Your Books by Sophia Bogle

    This book repair kit contains the best tools and materials for a beginner to start repairing books. The focus is on archival materials and the best tools for the job.

    Most importantly, this kit incudes a code for 3 months all-access pass to Sophia's online courses. This includes a library of 50+ videos covering all sorts of book repairs.

    Included in the kit


    • Nori Paste
    • SC6000
    • Baking Parchment (silicone release paper)
    • 320 grit & 100 grit sandpaper
    • Unbleached Muslin
    • Mull (super / crash)

    Tissues & Papers

    • Hinging Tissue (12gsm)
    • Brown & Black Yatsuo Paper (40gsm)
    • White & Natural Sekishu Paper (30gsm)
    • Antique Endleaf (70lb)


    • Bone Folder
    • Microspatula
    • Flat Brush & Pointy Brush
    • Spray Bottle
    • Binder clip
    • Corner pressing boards
    • Joint pressing rods
    • Eraser
    • Edge cutter / Knife Sharpener
    • Book Repair Knife (right handed)