Hinging Tissue Paper

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    1 - 9 (Sheets) $12.93 - $13.50
    10 - 49 (Sheets) $11.57 - $11.68
    50 - 99 (Sheets) $10.21 - $10.58
    100 + (Sheets) $9.52 - $10.22
    $12.93 to $13.50


    100% Thai Kozo, machinemade in Tokushima Japan
    Each sheet is watermarked with four variable widths lines and a total of 55 parallel tear lines that allow user to form perfect deckle edged strips. Ideal for restoration where guarding and hinging is required.  

    The pre made tear lines allow for perfectly formed torn edges which are preferred to cut strips because the edge is more gradual and feathers into the attached surfaces to disappear. 

    The 12 gsm paper is recommended for lighter weight artwork. Similar to Guard Strip Tissue. The 20 gsm paper is recommended for heavier artwork and paper.

    Available in 12g/m2 and 20g/m2
    Sheets size: 23.5" x 17"
    Color: Natural

    Sample of these papers are available in our Japanese Conservation paper sample book

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