Bookbinders Hammer

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    A bookbinders hammer is used to round the spine of a text block.  These hammers are unique in that they have a dome shaped head, and a claw end without a notch that is rounded smooth.  We have three styles available.

    English Pattern (blue) A forged steel hammer with a round dome face and fine details. Head is approximately 1.5" in diameter, overall length is 10" and weighs 1 lb.

    French Pattern (black) Long sought after and now back in stock. Imported from England, The hammer has a larger round 1.75" diameter head, an overall length of 12" and weighs 1 lb.

    The Square French pattern hammer is a unique hammer in its size and weight.  It is significantly heavier than the other hammers (24 oz - 675 grams) and its pronounced square dome head is very useful for rounding.