Mohawk Superfine Paper

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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This acid-free paper is ideal for all print and text applications, as well as some repair work. 25% cotton Mohawk is an excellent all around paper, with a premium quality smooth finish, and a pleasant white or soft white color. Acid free, archival paper manufactured with standards set by the American National Standard Institute Inc.

All Mohawk sheets are smooth finish.
24lb Writing is equal to 60lb Text and 90gsm

28lb Writing is equal to 70lb Text and 104gsm
80lb Text is equal to 32lb Writing and 118gsm

Sheet size: 35" x 23". Grain direction: short

70lb (104gsm) and 80lb (118gsm) are Text weight
70lb Sheet Size: 23" x 35". Grain direction: long
80lb Sheet Size: 25" x 38". Grain direction: long