Brass Edged Boards

    SKU: TTS021001





    Brass edge boards are used for pressing books after a cover has been applied (casing-in.) These finished Baltic Birch Plywood boards are made with a plywood and brass strips applied along one long edge.  The plywood is composed of 13 layers for unsurpassed rigidity, flatness and strength. This special plywood also provides excellent holding power for the brass which is screwed into the profile of the plywood sheet.  The brass edge is flush with one surface of the plywood, and projects out from the other surface.  The side on which the brass extends is used to crease and establish the hinge on the cover of a book cover.  This hinge and associated groove in the cover is referred to a French Groove.  

    Dimensions: 10" x 13" x 3/4".  Sold as a pair.