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CaSoPal manufactured by IBZ-Salzchemie GmbH in Germany is a revolutionary product for the remediation of mold.

CaSoPal Plus is the first product that combines the favorable actions of alcohol and lime hydrate for mold remediation. Ethanol, which is one of the most effective disinfectants, acts as a dehydrating agent damaging the cell membranes of algae and fungi. Additional, rapid denaturalization of proteins takes place. Both effects guarantee a safe stop of microbiological activities in the treated areas. Lime creates alkaline conditions under which new biological growth is unlikely.

CaSoPal Plus contains extremely fine white lime hydrate (calcium hydroxide) particles stabily dispersed in ethanol. The fine size of the calcium hydroxide particles results from a unique preparation, which is based on chemical synthesis. CaSoPal Plus is a white opal liquid and contains 15 grams / liter of fine lime hydrate in ethanol.

This product is free of chlorine or chlorine forming compounds and does not contain quaternary ammonium compounds or related biocides.

Sold in 500mL Bottles

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