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    A lambda type carrageenan powder used for thickening water in the process of making marbling paper.  The fine powdered extract of carrageenan moss. This product is designed to easily dissolve in warm or cold water water, avoiding the necessity for cooking and straining. 

    A prepared vat of carrageenan can usually be used for 1-4 days before it spoils.  This time depends mostly on the studio environment, amount of alum used on the papers, and other factors.  Small amounts of borax added to the vat will also help extend the life of the carrageenan bath before spoiling.

    Approximate proportions for use are 7 tablespoons to to 3.5 gallons of water.  This can be done in smaller batches in a blender, or in a bucket with a drill mixer.  It is also advisable to make this in advance (even overnight) and let it sit for the bubbles to settle out and full thickening to occur.

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