Cialux Bookcloth Sample Book

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    The new Cialux sample book includes 34 swatches of each Cialux color.

    Cialux is a high quality natural finish book cloth imported from Italy. It is a lustrous, vibrant, glossy, fast-dyed, natural finish, 100% rayon cloth with a viscose paper backing.

    Cialux cloth is made from spun rayon yarn, which is composed of short-length filament threads. Environmentally friendly and exceptionally well suited for covering book covers, catalogs, stationery, diaries etc. Ideal for off-set printing, screen printing, and hot foil blocking.

    Cialux is colorfast to water, light and abrasion, and has improved durability over other natural finish cloths. It processes well on Horauf, Kolbus, WBF Stall, and Smith manufacturing equipment.

    All colors are 53" wide.

    Cialux is perfectly suited for all high end hand and production bookbinding, such as trade books, cookbooks, book clubs, religious/hymnals, University Press, college textbooks, yearbooks, and coffee table/museum books. It lends itself well to specialty packaging applications, such as set-up boxes, slip cases, CD cases, and jewelry/perfume packaging, as well as mechanical loose leaf binding, stationery, sample books, wall covering, and photo albums and journals.

    Please note that the 1580 is a very dark Indigo.
    dditional information:
    Yarn number: warp 29.5 cm, weft 23.5 cm
    Tensile strength: warp 50 Nm. weft 50 Nm.
    Weight 190 gr/m (0.49lb per linear yd)
    Lining 40 gsm
    Gauge 0.28 mm

    Decoration: * Screen-printing * Blind-stamping * Foil-stamping - due to rich construction, is ideal for hot foil stamping

    To screen print on rayon: Use vinyl, acrylic, or solvent based ink, but no UV ink. Use a white background. Dry in a warm air oven at 60 Condition in cold air. Do not use varnish.

    Cialux can also be obtained in additional colors and in 36" widths on special order, as well as pricing for larger quantities than listed online. Please inquire.