Cotton Blotting Paper

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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Our acid-free Cotton Blotting Paper is sold in both sheets and rolls. This pure waterleaf paper is made from 100% cotton fiber, free of optical brighteners, buffering agents, or any additional sizing agents or additives. Cotton provides a softer surface and improved absorbency than cellulose blotters and represent the finest blotting papers available in the world.

Blotting paper is used to humidify paper for printmaking processes, as well as also in restoration and conservation. In the reverse Blotting paper is also used to speed up drying time of printed sheets of paper that come off from a press damp, and also in conservation work where prints and documents are washed to remove dirt. Speeding up the drying time, sandwiched between sheets of blotter and put under weight, is a very common art conservation practice.

Sheets: Our cotton blotters sheets are available in two weights. The 30pt (0.03" - 291gsm) is our standard weight blotter, and is suitable for most general applications. The 100pt (0.10" - 723gsm) is an extra heavy blotter, and is excellent for applications where extreme absorbency is required.

Rolls: Our cotton blotter in rolls are ideal for applications when larger size pieces are required. Rolls are available in two weights. The 10pt (0.01" - 88gsm) blotter is a very thin blotter, for applications where low bulk is required, such as lining drawers or on vacuum tables. The 30pt (0.03" - 291gsm) blotter is our standard weight, and suitable for most general applications.

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