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    Reemay is a spunbonded, white, non-woven polyester fabric with continuous filament construction to minimize fiber migration and add strength. Reemay is used in the art conservation field as a support media for documents to be repaired, washed or bleached, as well as a lining, interleaving or drying material.  It's surface is not as highly calendered (smooth) as Hollytex. This material can be thermally and ultrasonically welded, folds easily, and can be glued with most synthetic adhesives. 

    Grade 2014
    Thickness: 0.010"; 34gsm; Weight 1.0 oz/yd2; Air Permeability 880 cfm/ft2; Tensile Strength 21 lbs/in MD, 17 lbs/in CD

    Grade 2024
    Thickness: 0.012"; 71gsm, Weight 2.10 oz/yd2; Air Permeability 340 cfm/ft2; Tensile Strength 9 lbs/in MD, 11 lbs/in CD

    Grade 2033
    Thickness: 0.017"; 100gsm; Weight 2.95 oz/yd2; Air Permeability 258 cfm/ft2; Tensile Strength 86 lbs/in MD, 78 lbs/in CD

    Grade 2250
    Thickness: 0.005"; 19gsm; Weight 0.5 oz/yd2; Air Permeability 1080 cfm/ft2; Tensile Strength 11 lbs/in MD, 7 lbs/in CD