Fabriano Esportazione Paper

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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1 - 4 (Sheets) $36.89
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25 + (Sheets) $31.00
$36.89 (Sheets)



Made by Fabriano this paper is one of the few entirely handmade 100% rag watercolor papers available today.

Esportazione is made from 100% totally chlorine free (TCF) cotton, is still manufactured by hand by the "Mastri Cartai Fabrianesi" and its neutral pH guarantees its performance. It has 4 deckle edges, a luxuriously rough surface, and a localized watermark. Considered by many as the best paper in the world for watercolour. It is also suitable for all other water media techniques as well as charcoal and pastel. 100% Cotton, acid free, internal and tub sized with gelatin. Exceptional quality paper ideal for watercolor. 

Sheet size:  22" x 30"  Surface: Cold Pressed
Weight:  315gsm    Color: White