Esportazione Paper

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
SKU: TPB180003


1 – 4 (Sheets) $33.89
5 – 24 (Sheets) $31.77
25 + (Sheets) $29.65
Made by Fabriano this paper is one of the few entirely handmade 100% rag watercolor papers available today.

Esportazione is made from 100% totally chlorine free (TCF) cotton, is still manufactured by hand by the "Mastri Cartai Fabrianesi" and its neutral pH guarantees its performance. It has 4 deckle edges, and a localized watermark. Considered by many as the best paper in the world for watercolour. It is also suitable for all other painting techniques. 100% Cotton, acid free, internal and tub sized. Exceptional quality paper ideal for watercolor. 

Sheet size:  22" x 30"  Surface: Cold Pressed
Weight:  315gsm    Color: White