Euro Library Buckram

    SKU: Euro-Buckram


    1 - 9 (Yards) $24.95
    10 - 54 (Yards) $22.75
    55 + (Yards) $20.25



    Euro Library Buckram is an outstanding addition to our fabric line of covering cloths. It is durable, practical with a lacquered surface. Due to its high strength and abrasion resistance it is suitable for industrial as well as for craft processing. It meets the German quality standard RAL-RG 495 for library book covers. Euro Buckram can be used for hot foil and blind blocking, screen printing, die cutting and creasing. Available in a palette of 12 beautiful colors.
    Sold by the yard, 41.7" wide.

    Euro Buckram is put up on 55 yard rolls (50 meters) and is (1060mm). The cloth is 100% cotton warp and weft and 0.013" thick (.32mm) and weighs approx .75lb per yard.