Evolon CR Non-Woven Textile

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Evolon CR is a non-woven micro-filament textile with excellent characteristics which make it suitable for use in conservation, preservation, cleaning and storage.

The material’s dimensional stability, water permeability, wicking and fast drying capabilities recommend it as a support for wet treatments on textiles and paper. The continuous fibre network is anti-wrinkle and, having no loose surface fibers, the chance of snagging objects is minimized. Evolon CR can function as a dry support for textiles and may be sewn through and welded. It can also be used as an intermediate layer on suction tables. For wet, or dry cleaning, Evolon© CR has just the right degree of softness. It is lint free, absorbent, fray resistant, does not shed fibres, has a high dirt capacity, and is very durable. There are no binders, fillers or water soluble media, it can be washed at high temperatures, and is re-usable many times over.

Evolon CR has outstandingly good drape and will conform well to unevenly shaped items. This makes it highly suitable for wrapping objects and works of art for transport and storage. The soft nature of the material is compatible with the surfaces of high-gloss modern media such as polished steel, chromium plate and plastics. The dense fibre web is abrasion resistant and traps air thus providing some thermal insulation.

These properties, along with, high UV resistance, unusual strength and non-directional structure make Evolon CR an outstanding solution for so many requirements.

Made from 70% Polyester and 30% Polyamide.  Approx  Weight: 80gsm.