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    Hollytex is a white, non-woven, spunbound polyester fabric used for interleaving, restoration or support. Hollytex is manufactured using continuous filament polyester fibers that have been compacted by a unique process involving simultaneous application of heat, pressure, and tension for a carefully controlled length of time. The result is an ultra-smooth finish. The randomly arranged, continuous filament structure, and compacting of Hollytex endow it with an exceptional combination of physical properties. Among the distinguishing characteristics of Hollytex are high tensile and tear strength, no media migration, non-raveling edges, good chemical resistance to acids, oxidizing agents and solvents, good dimensional stability in all directions, resistance to rot and mildew. Hollytex does not contain any resins, sizing or binders. The chemical and thermal properties of Hollytex are essentially those of polyester fiber.

    Hollytex will have a smoother surface than Reemay.  This material can also be thermally and ultrasonically welded.

    #3249 A particularly good filtering material with high static properties; clings well to paper. 47" width.
    Thickness: 0.0015" +/- 0.0003; Basis Weight: 0.45 oz/yd2 (15gsm); Tensile Strength 4.0 lbs/in MD, 2.5 lbs/in CD.

    #3257 Our most popular grade. Commonly used in leaf casting and other paper applications. 47" wide.
    Thickness: 0.0029" +/- 0.0007; Basis Weigh: 0.95 oz/yd2 (32gsm); Tensile Strength: 8.5 lbs/in MD, 6.5 lbs/in CD.

    #3265 45" width
    Thickness: 0.0053" +/- 0.0009; Basis Weight: 2.4 oz/yd2 (81 gsm); Tensile Strength: 30 lbs/in MD, 21 lbs/in CD.

    #3335 38" width
    Thickness: 0.0047" +/- 0.0009; Basis Weight 2.5 oz/yd2 (85gsm); Tensile Strength: 30 lbs/in MD, 22.5 lbs/in CD.

    All grades can withstand direct contact with heat up to 3500F.