Fabriano Artistico Paper

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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$4.48 to $26.87
A mouldmade watermarked paper 100% cotton recommended and designed for fine art techniques like watercolor, gouache, soft pastels, oil pastels and charcoal. Artistico is also suitable also for printmaking techniques such as lithography and silkscreen. Available in four distinct surfaces CP, HP, R and SP for varying painting approaches.

Artistico is internally and externally sized, and extremely lightfast. Its neutral pH guarantees permanence and resistance to aging. Deckle on 2 edges and the trademark "C.M. FABRIANO - 100% COTTON" runs parallel to long side. Artistico takes color beautifully like no other sheet before and withstands lifting and scraping.

Sheet size: 22" x 30 Grain direction:  short
Sheet size: 29.5" x 41"  Grain direction:  long
Weights available:  200, 300 and 640gsm
Color:  Traditional White and Bright White

Did you know that Artistico is also available in rolls?  Find them here.