CeeLite Flexible Light Sheets

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    $205.95 to $950.25



    These super thin flexible light sheets are less than 1mm thick, emit no UV or IR radiation, and stay completely cool when used continuously for hours or even days at a time.

    Panels provide a uniform field of light over the whole surface of the panel with a maximum output of 200 candles per square meter.

    Panels are uniquely suited as a light source to back light documents, textiles, manuscripts. etc. Due to their unique design and construction they are flexible and 1mm thick, allow them to be easily inserted between pages of a book without damage. Use in the conservation laboratory as a portable light table, illuminating displays, under lighting work surfaces and all potential applications for this versatile light.

    Each Light Sheet comes with a power converter with built in dimmer.  Input voltage is 110-240v.