Franz Hoffmann (Gutenberg) Alum Tawed Skins

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$127.05 to $541.63
Alum Tawed Calf

Beautiful smooth and supple skins with an average size of 14-17 sq ft and available in 1st quality.  Due to the large size of these hides, we are offering a cut hide with the average of 8 sqft.

Substance is approximately .9-1.0 mm.

Alum Tawed Sheep and Goat

Both the Alum Tawed Sheep are Goat are soft, supple skins and available 1st quality.

Goat skins average size is 9-11 sqft and the substance is approx .8-.9mm

Sheep skins average size is 5-7 sqft and the substance is approx .6-.7mm

Alum Tawed Pig

Alum Pigskins average 11-14 sq ft. and substance is approx 1.0mm. Available in 1st & 2nd quality.