Leather Paring Knives

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    Specialty knives intended to thin leather for bookbinding. Different styles based on personal preference, training, and technique. All knives require further sharpening and modification for use, and continued sharpening and honing on a leather strop.

    French Paring Knife - Tempered steel blade set in a hard wood handle. Overall length: 7" long. Blade length: 4", blade width: 1 3/4".

    Swiss Paring Knife - Shape of the blade is similar to the French knife but without the handle. Overall length: 7" long, blade width: 1 3/4".

    English Paring Knife - Made of high carbon steel to hold a sharp edge. These knives are supplied with a relatively rough edge and need to be sharpened before use. Available with a right or left handed bevel. Overall length: 10", with a tapered width from 1-1/8" to 7/8". Available in the original 1.5mm thicksteel, or 2.0mm right hand only version. Please also note that carbon steel will rust and it is not uncommon for these knives to come with a light coat of rust on them. This is easily removed with some steel wool and the sharpening process. A light coating of wax such as Renaissance Wax and regular use will prevent this for coming back.