Fungal Facts, By Mary-Lou Florian

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    Prevention costs so little in comparison to the cost of recovery and the health hazards that will ensue from a fungal infestation. Many of those involved in the care of collections have experienced fungal infestations ranging from localised outbreaks to major catastrophes brought about by flood or the aftermath of fire. This book aims to provide collection managers, conservators, and museum and gallery personnel with biological information on fungi and strategies for both preventing infestation and controlling/eradicating an infestation once it has occurred. Throughout the text the author addresses the safety issues and the major concerns of health hazards caused by fungal infestations,issues that are covered more specifically in the chapter on monitoring for air quality and surface contamination. The effects of fungal infestation on paper, textiles, leather, wool and wood are outlined, with emphasis placed on the methods of recovering objects that are infested, preventive conseration methods, risk assessment and disaster preparedness. Fungal Facts provides a basis for understanding and solving fungal problems in objects and collections. It is essential reading for all those charged with the care and management of cultural property. Mary-Lou Florian is Research Associate and Emerita Conservation Scientist at the Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria BC, Canada. 'The author has managed to present what is quite a complex subject in a very readable form. The chapters are well structured, with useful fungal fact-boxes dispersed through the text to highlight relevant information and bullet points. This reasonably priced book successfully addresses an issue of great concern to anyone involved in collection care and is an excellent addition to the literature.'Jill Kerr, Care of Collections Forum Newsletter(April 2003) Issue 1 p.15. '..this volume represents the first serious mycology text for conservators bridging the gap between the vast mycological literature..and the conservator's need to deal with specific problems' Mary Wood Lee, JAIC 43(2004) Paperback, 152 Pages, 80 half-tones/line drawings Illustrations