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Resources and Information

Need some basic advice? Below is a list of How-to's, Tips and Instructions broken down by category.


- Wheat Paste and PVA recipe: recipe for mixing Wheat Paste and Jade PVA.

- Cooking Wheat Starch

- How to apply Beva 371 Film

Archival Basics

- Buffered vs Unbuffered

- Acid-Free vs Archival

- Plastics for Preservation (Archival Polyester vs Polypropylene, etc)

- Guide to Collections Care

- Making Ethafoam mounts

Archival Storage

- Archival Box Glossary

- Caring for your books properly

- Making Mylar Book Jackets

- Measuring your books & objects for archival boxes


- Casing in a book block

- Leather vs Parchment

- Paper-backed vs Starched bookcloth


- Caring for your photography collection

- Matting and Framing

Textile Preservation

- Preservation of Textiles & Garments

- Wedding Dress Preservation


- Managing your Environment: Agents for deterioration

- Conditioning Silica Gel

- Silica Gel Calucalator

- Planning for Disasters