Hahnemuhle Collection Watercolor Paper

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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1 - 9 $6.99 - $15.25
10 - 49 $6.15 - $13.25
50 - 99 $5.50 - $11.75
100 + $5.25 - $11.00
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This new line of Hahnemuhle Watercolor papers called "The Collection" sets new standards for high quality watecolor paper and are the finest watercolor papers made by Hahnemuhle.  A carefully chosen cotton variety offers extremely strong fibers and incomparable purity.  The selection of the best raw materials and exclusively natural filler materials gives this paper unparalleled quality.  

This 100% Cotton paper is made on a cylinder mould paper machine that produces a very durable surface that is well suited for demanding watercolor techniques.  The fibers do not lift, rub off or loosen, even when applying multiple layers of color, or when using masking fluids or tapes.  This paper lets you use the most beautiful colors and create remarkable wet on wet paintings.

Available in Cold Press / Hot Press / Rough surfaces
Sheet size: 22" x 30" grain long
Sheet size: 30" x 42" grain short

Archival & Acid Free.  Mould Made.  Surface Sized.  Vegan.