Donegan Aspheric Magnifiers

    SKU: Hand-Magnifiers


    $45.25 to $69.95



    Aspheric magnifiers unlike spherical magnifiers provide an "orthoscopic" image.  Aspheric lenses are shaped with a variant radii calculated to produce a sharp image right to the edge of the lens. This allows for distortion-free viewing over the entire lens area with greater magnification than is possible with a normal magnifying lenses.

    Available in the following Models:

    B-2024 Powerful 2"x4" aspheric lens provides 3X magnification, and a comfortable handle.
    C-2028 Powerful 5X aspheric lens mounted in a pre-focused stand allows users to view large 60mm. area. Great for any activity requiring distortion free viewing at higher magnifications.
    D-2060 Same powerful 5X aspheric lens as used in the C-2028 magnifier, conveniently mounted in a hand held reader. Compact design easily fits into pocket or purse.
    A-2072 Stand A 3X aspheric rectangular lens mounted in a pre-focused stand. Fits conveniently over surface to be viewed.