Optivisor Headband Magnifiers

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$59.00 to $69.00
Donegan brand OptiVisor is a precision binocular headband magnifier which permits unrestricted user efficiency while reducing eye strain.  

Other benefits include:
- leaves both hands free and allows three dimensional vision 
- Used by anyone whose profession or craft requires close accurate work 
- Can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses.

Optical glass Prismatic lenses are round and polished to precision optical standards. ABS high impact visor is chemical, grease, and flame resistant. Readily adjustable headband is made of electrically nonconductive ABS material and is padded with orthopedic felt for comfort.
Available, by Model No., Magnification, and Focal Length, are:

DA-2, 1.50X, 20" focal length
DA-3, 1.75X, 14" focal length
DA-4, 2.00X, 10" focal length
DA-5, 2.50X, 8" focal length
DA-7, 2.75X, 6" focal length
DA-10, 3.50X, 4" focal length

Interchangeable lens plates are also available.