Jade R Reversible PVA Bookbinding Adhesive

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
  • This product has been made in our facility in Brooklyn, NY! We are proud to have been certified as a Brooklyn-Made Company by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.
SKU: Jade-R


$16.95 to $85.75


Be advised that if this product freezes in transit, it will be rendered useless. Depending on your geographic location please take this into consideration when ordering. We will not refund orders that freeze in transit during winter months.

Jade® R is a water reversible adhesive which is acid free and archival, providing excellent adhesion to paper, board, leather, fabric, and other materials.  Ideal for conservation work where reversibility is of concern.

A multi polymer (PVA, EVA) adhesive which dries quickly to a clear flexible film, and is easily cleaned up with water.

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