Khadi Cotton & Plant Papers

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SKU: TPB006118


1 – 24 $4.95
25 – 99 $4.36
100 + $3.96
These papers are made from cotton rag with plant based material added to the pulp for natural colour and texture. 
Gunny paper is made from jute sacking (or gunny as it’s called in India) , Banana paper is made from chopped banana leaves and Bagasse paper is made from the sugar cane fibre that’s left after the juice has been extracted. 
Internally sized with neutral pH size. Acid free. 
Ideal for all painting and drawing media. 

Unfortunately the cotton and plant fibre papers are being discontinued by the supplier.  They will remain on our website while sheets are still available.

Sheet size: 22" x 30" 
Weight: 210gsm
Surface: Rough or Smoo