Klucel G & E Hydroxypropylcellulose

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    A non-ionic adhesive (hydroxypropylcellulose) soluble in water and alcohol, mixes well with hot waxes. It is thermoplastic, dries clear and very flexible. Forms a film barrier, improves the hardness and crack resistance of coatings. Often used as for leather consolidation and as an adhesive for parchment and  vellum. Off-white powder. 

    Klucel G viscosity 125-450cps in 2% solution by weight in water.
    Klucel E viscosity 250-800cps in 10% solution by weight in water.

    When using Klucel G for leather consolidation of dry powdering leather, it is typically mixed in the proportion of 1.5 tsp. to 1 cup isopropyl alcohol, and allowed to sit overnight.  Ideally the alcohol is 100% (no water) which is not what is typically found in the pharmacy.

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