Kutrimmer Paper Cutter

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    $530.65 to $3,117.45


    The highest quality paper and board cutters on the market, capable of cutting 40-50 sheets of paper at a time in one operation. Made from an a heavy gauge all steel construction that is accurate and easy to use. It has a pressure clamp, extension guide, adjustable alignment bar, and upper and lower guides which are calibrated in 16ths of an inch. All models are capable of cutting a single sheet of binders board up to a maximum thickness of .098", fibreboard, foils, vinyls, rubber, fabrics, leather, linoleum, felt, thin plywood, thin soft metal, and various specialty materials.

    Below are the Model No., Cutting Lengths, Table Sizes and Weights:

    Tabletop Units
    1138* - 15", 16" x 14", 20 lbs. (formerly model 1038)
    1158* - 23", 24" X 14", 31 lbs. (formerly model 1058)
    1171* - 29", 29" X 20", 51 lbs. (formerly model 1071)

    Floor Standing Units (includes table and foot activated clamp)
    1110 - 44", 44" X 30", 132 lbs.
    * Models are only fitted with a 25 degree angle blade.

    Model 1110 comes with a table assembly and are available either with a 75o blade better suited for cutting board and heavy materials, or with a 25o blade better for cutting lightweight paper and films. Model 110 must be shipped by common carrier (truck).

    Technical Information