Olfa X - Heavy Duty Ultra Sharp Knife (LA-X)

    SKU: TTB011101





    X OLFA Design Series: Heavy-Duty Auto-Lock Utility Knife (LA-X) Comfortable anti-slip maximum performance cutter This heavy-duty knife is part of the X OLFA Design Series, a powerful line of anti-slip grip cutting tools combining exceptional performance with innovation. 

    Features an automatic blade lock, cushion grip for maximum comfort and control, and a heavy gauge stainless steel blade channel that holds blade tight. Chemical resistant handle for easy cleaning. Built in PRY hard metal pick for convenience.

    Includes the premium, ULTRAMAX ultra sharp durable snap-off blade which is 25% sharper than OLFA LB blades. Easy, tool-free blade change. Handles Guaranteed Forever.

    Replacement Ultra Sharp LB blades and regular LB blades are sold separately.