Lascaux Polyamide Textile Welding Powder 5350

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    This is a thermoplastic copolyamid resin with a melting point of approximately 90-100°C. Used extensively as a hot melt adhesive for textiles and leather, and can also be used for mending tears in painted canvas.

    Textile Welding Powder is a hot-melt adhesive. The easiest way of application is to stick a hot soldering needle into the powder and then apply the melted polyamide. 

    Another method consists of melting the polyamide powder with an iron between two sheets of silicone coated polyester film, in order to obtain a coat of approx. 1-2 mm thickness. After cooling, the polyamide coat is cut in very thin strips. These strips are then used together with the soldering needle to weld the threads.