Silicone Coated Polyester Mylar Film

    SKU: TFM004005





    Our silicone coated Mylar (PET) film is custom made to our specifications after many years of development.  The silicone coating on the film has a "zero extractable" level which means that under normal use there is zero transfer of free silicone off of the film.  Making it safe to use with artwork, in conservation, transportation, and other fine art applications.  

    This clear mylar (PET) film is dimensionally stable and will not wrinkle from application of heat.  This makes it suitable for use in vacuum hot tables, and other applications where a transparent film that will not stick to surfaces is required. It is also suitable for many other applications, such as wrapping, covering work surfaces, humidification, etc. where a non stick barrier is to be achieved.

    Rolls are 0.0015" x 62" x 150' in size, coated on both sides.
    Sometimes this thickness is referred to as 1.5 mil, 1.5 thousands of an inch, or 3.8 microns.