Leister Labor S: Hot Air Pistol

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    $2,515.25 to $2,595.75



    The Leister Labor S unit is an indispensable, versatile tool that expedites many operations in painting and artifact conservation, paper and book repair, and architectural restoration. The unit produces hot air at variable speeds and temperatures between 68 and 1112 degrees F (20-600 C), which remains constant and independent of air flow (min 80L/min) controlled by a digitally controlled blower box. The low noise level and light weight of the tool head allow for extended use without fatigue. Hand tool weight is 140 grams, and seperate blower box is 2.5lbs (1.1kg).

    Suggested applications include:
    - consolidating flaking paint
    - soldering
    - splitting paper
    - curing adhesives
    - welding PVC, polyester, polyethylene and other plastics.

    Basic unit is supplied with a blower box and a 1.5 mm general use oval nozzle. The blower box has an integrated tool rest, a stand alone rest is available seperately. Additional nozzles and other accessories are also available.