Recolo 100 Aerosol Generator

    SKU: TTB108001




    The Recolo 100 represents the newest aerosol generator, and improves upon shortcomings that conservators had with the AGS 2000. 

     The Recolo 100 is an aerosol generator which has proved useful recently for consolidation of flaking or powdery paint layers, humidification, removing water soluble glues or stains, deacidifying paper with alkaline solutions, locally bleaching paper with hydrogen peroxide, and using colored gelatin solutions for consolidation and retouching of photographs. 

     The Recolo 100 is unique in that the particle size is adjustable between 0,5 µm - 6 µm, and the AGS 2000 this is constantly set at 5µm. The ability to control this setting is what makes the Recolo 100 better suited for generating aerosols with a larger range and concentration of materials. 

     The unit includes 5 extra plastic cone cups for holding solutions to be generated into aerosol, a heated hose, and an aerosol nozzle. Additional cone cups and aerosol nozzles are available.

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