Lenox 100 Paper

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This paper was the first domestic 100% cotton paper specifically designed for fine art applications back in the early seventies. Created to have its own unique characteristics which made it so suitable for a variety of media. It is not deckled edge nor watermarked, but it's off-white shade, medium textured surface and supple feel make it an excellent substitute for pricier European papers.

Lenox was also designed for the artist who wanted to work on sizes beyond the standard 22 x 30 and 26 x 40 by offering 38 x 50 sheets and roll sizes never available in a 100% cotton - 60" and 72" wide format. Lenox is only 250gsm but very dimensionally stable making it an excellent paper for silkscreen. It's medium textured surface make it ideal for all drawing techniques: graphite, offset lithography, etching, embossing, pastel, charcoal, and pencil. Forty plus years in the market and still one of the most popular papers for multiple applications.

Sheet size: 22" x 30", 26" x 40" and 38" x 50" 
Grain direction: All sheets are long 
Color: Off-White