Lokta Handmade Paper

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1 - 9 (Sheets) $4.95
10 - 49 (Sheets) $4.60
50 - 99 (Sheets) $4.50
100 + (Sheets) $4.25



Lokta paper is made from Daphne Papyraceae bush found in the foothills of Nepal. The bush is renewable and regenerates within 6 years.  It is from the inner bark that the Lokta is harvested and used to make the handmade Lokta papers, using age-old traditions.

Lokta paper is environmentally friendly, in addition to being beautiful, strong, and durable.
Our supply of Lokta is of the highest quality available, from the leading internationally recognized paper mill.

Sheet size: 20" x 30"
Weight:  Most sheets are approx. 60gsm

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