Cave Paper

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Amanda Degener and Bridget O'Malley were the hands behind with amazing line of handmade papers.  Today Amanda carries on the tradition of these amazing paper.

Please note that we sell an oversize sheet providing the best yield.  Sheet Size: approx 22" x 30"

This is the story behind the sheets. The Belgian flax is cooked in a 3% solution of Calcium Hydroxide. The water in the studio is filtered through activated carbon to remove chlorine, dissolved minerals and particulate matter. The beater is equipped with a washer which rinses the fiber throughout the beating cycle and then the sheets are formed on moulds. This process produces a unique sheet of extreme strength, almost leather like, that can be used as book covers.

Due to this process there is variation from sheet to sheet, no two sheets are alike. All papers are sized with a 2.5% solution of gelatin size except # 8, 10, 16.

#16 & #17 are Cotton Rag, #20 is Abaca, pigmented Black/White and Internally sized

Sheet Size: approx 22" x 30" (size of the mould) sheets are loft dried which means there is some shrinkage, except the #20 which is 18" x 24 grain short.

Sheet Weight: Most are around 270 gsm but varies by pattern.  

Trained at the University of Iowa Center of the Book, these papers are patterned after Tim Barretts Case Papers.