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    These powerful neodymium rare earth magnets, can make for a very creative fasteners on handmade books, portfolios, journals and boxes by placing them beneath paper or cloth covering materials. Their low profile makes them easy to conceal by embedding them into boards for a invisible fastener when covered over with paper or bookcloth.

    They also make for creative and removable temporary hanging fasteners for artwork.  When one wants to display non framed artwork on a wall without using pins or tape, magnets are the answer.  Take a screw and put it into the wall at set intervals, put artwork over screw, and a magnet on top.  Magnets and screws can be painted or covered with tape to hide them better.

    Now available in 2 sizes

    1 cm Magnets: dimensions are 0.375" diameter x 0.06" thick (9.5mm diameter x 1.5mm thick.)
    2cm Magnets: dimensions are 0.75" diameter