Maimeri Ketonic Resin Colours

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    The Ketonics by Maimeri were  produced by binding lightfast tested pigments with ketonic resin and selected hydrocarbon solvents only.  this offered the greatest reversibility and resistance to yellowing. While the proven line of mastic resin colors is ideal for touching up works which have been varnished or finished with traditional natural resins, this line is better suited for used with modern synthetic varnishes, now used in restoration and conservation even of older paintings, adding the value of unbeatable lightfast in the binder.
    Both lines of Maimeri conservation colors may be mixed together and thinned using the same thinners. The primary solvent for removal and thinning of the Maimeri Ketonic colors is mineral spirits (white spirits). 
    Discontinued by manufacturer, limited supply remains.
    Sold in 40ml tubes.