Mohawk Via Paper

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5 - 24 (Sheets) $1.50
25 - 99 (Sheets) $1.20
100 - 199 (Sheets) $1.00
200 - 1199 (Sheets) $0.90
1200 + (Sheets) $0.77



Mohawk papers represent the most comprehensive and economical line of premium writing, text and cover papers. New to Talas is the Mohawk Via line of papers. We are now stocking a range of Grey, Earth tones with fiber inclusions, which will be a great addition for your book and drawing needs. Acid Free, 25% Cotton, and buffered with calcium carbonate.

Great for books, journals, endpapers, and every other possible use you could imagine.

Sheet size: 23” x 35” Grain direction: long
Weight: 70lb Text, 104 gsm