Murillo Paper



    1 - 24 (Sheets) $6.15
    25 - 99 (Sheets) $6.00
    100 + (Sheets) $5.50



    Murillo paper by Fabriano has a beautiful wove surface that makes it particularly suited for deluxe editions and other book arts. Its body and weight makes it ideal for embossing techniques, and it can also be used for printmaking and drawing, and light watercolor. Named after Bartolom Steban Murillo, these papers reflect his subtlety of color and texture.
    The special texture of Murillo's surface and heavy 360 gsm weight are the principal features of this exquisite range of colors. Made from 15% cotton/85% sulphite, this neutral pH (acid free) paper is lightly externally sized and suitable for light water techniques. Sheets have two natural and two tear deckled edges.
    Black Murillo is recognized as the most rigid acid free black paper anywhere.

    Sheet size: 27.5" x 39.5"  Grain direction:  long
    Weight:  360 gsm   

    Many Murillo colors have been discontinued. We will continue to sell all the colors while stock remains available.  Future colors will be : Red, Ivory, White and Black.