Mylar Film Rolls

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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An archival pure polyester film in its uncoated, clear state such as Hostaphan 43SM or Melinex 516 are used throughout our product line. The film is used for window matting, covering books, encapsulating documents, interleaving, covering work surfaces and vacuum table covers as well as many other applications.

Thin weights of Mylar film (.0005" and .001") are commonly used as membranes on hot tables. Middle weight Mylar films (.002"-.005") are most commonly used for wrapping books, making envelopes, protecting prints, and other common applications. The heaviest weight Mylar films (.007" and .010") are most commonly used for transparent linings of paintings. All film supplied is suitable for ultrasonic as well as thermal welding.

Special size Mylar rolls as well as sheets can be supplied, large quantities only.

Gauge is sometimes referred to in mils, where .001" would be referred to as 1 mil.