Nipping Press

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    The cast iron nipping press is used to apply quick and uniform pressure in a variety of bookbinding operations. While the nipping press does not have the available daylight or the pressing power of a standing press, it is easy to open and close which makes it very useful for quick pressing operations.  Their weight and heft allow them to exert great force

    These products are newly manufactured products, made in USA.  We have the parts cast in a foundry, machined, pained and assembled. They are incredibly sturdy and well made from the highest quality parts and materials.  

    The small nipping press is sometimes referred to as a copy press, as they were originally used to put inked type and a piece of paper to create a print.  A very quick and early form of printing.   cast iron and is a newly produced version of 100 year old press. This press has a usable area of 10" x 16" with an opening height (daylight) of 3".

    The Large Nipping Press is also cast iron and has a larger diameter threaded rod and more robust components.  The usable area of the press is 10" x 16" and available in various opening sizes.  This Larger Press weighs  200 pounds and must be shipped by LTL truck.