Paper Foundation Conservation Papers

  • Materials that have a pH of 7.0 or higher.
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1 - 9 (Sheets) $18.95
10 - 49 (Sheets) $17.50
50 + (Sheets) $16.00



We are pleased to offer this beautiful range of handmade made exclusively of the finest quality materials and techniques for bookbinders, artists, and conservators. Paper Foundation staff trained under and ultimately inherited Griffen Mill upon the retirement of the former papermakers there, and are proud to continue to produce many of their papers. Paper Foundation was created to preserve the craft of papermaking by hand and to celebrate the remarkable material of paper. The organization was formed by Mark Cropper, a 6th generation papermaker, and chair of the prestigious James Cropper Paper Mill.

Many of the papers created have been researched and created to replicate those previously made at Griffen Mills.

Akbar Brown - The strongest paper in the range. Akbar was originally developed for the repair of an ancient Quran in the collection of the British LIbrary. Made predominantly from strong abaca fibers, this is a dense and crisp paper suitable for use in soft bindings or as replacement endpapers, and other uses. This paper is brown in color, but also available in a softer hue as Akbar Natural.

Akbar Natural - Also known as Tutsan Wove. A lighter version of the Akbar Brown.

Early Cream (Mallow) & Early White - A cream or white colored book and conservation paper made from a blend of cotton, abaca, and raw hemp fibers. A strong, crisp, and versatile paper based on Griffen Mill's Early Cream Wove and Early White Wove papers.

Falcon - An off white paper with a subtle brown hue. Made on a distinctive “medieval” mould, using a blend of cotton, abaca, and hemp; giving it strong crisp qualities well suited for bookbinding and conservation.

Flax - A pleasant white sheet made of 100% flax fiber with versatile applications as a book, conservation, and printing paper.

Genet - A brown colored book and conservation paper made from a blend of cotton and abaca fibers.

Griffin (Rue) - A versatile warm toned paper made from a blend of cotton and abaca fibers.

Old Cleeve (Aster) - A cream colored bookbinding paper with a strong crist finish made on a distinctive medieval mould using cotton and abaca fibers. Based upon Griffen Mill's Old Cleeve Paper.

Sheets vary in size due to historic molds, but are all approximately 625 x 505mm (25 x 20 inches)