Paraloid B-72

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    B72 is an Ethyl methacrylate copolymer. A general purpose resin with excellent flexibility, unique in possessing a high tolerance for ethanol. The property allows its use in applications not tolerant of strong solvents. The alcohol dispersions may be cloudy or milky. However, they form clear, coherent films.

    B-72 has low reactivity with sensitive phosphorescent and luminescent pigments to produce stable, durable, non-yellowing coatings. It is compatible with vinyls, cellulosics, chlorinated rubbers, and silicones. It is well suited for white and metallic aerosols, clear coatings for wood, nitrocellulose modified coatings for general product finishing, pigment dispersion (fluorescent), flexographic printing inks, and gravure plastic coatings.

    When dissolved in toluene it can be used as a coating to fix water soluble inks before washing. Can also be used as an in-painting medium and to consolidate frescoes and wood sculpture surfaces.

    Physical Form: Pellets
    Bulk Density, 25°C, lb/gal: 9.6
    Solubility Parameter: 9.3
    Tg (ºC): 40
    Ultimate Hardness of Clear Films, KHN: 10 to 11
    Chemical Composition EMA Copolymer
    Soluble in toluene, xylene, methanol

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