Paraloid B-67

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    An Isobutyl methacrylate polymer sold in 100% solid resin form. Compatible with resins, drying oils and oleoresinous varnishes. An acrylic resin which, when used as a modifier in oil paints, improves drying speed, hardness, color enamel holdout and gloss retention. May also be used as a varnish and as the sole vehicle in enamel formulations to provide fast drying and high hardness in baked films.

    Excellent color retention, resistant to discoloration and aging, high temperatures and exposure. Chemically inert and has a very low pigment reactivity.

    Soluble in aromatic solvents such as xylene, toluene, and aliphatic solvents with a minimum aromatic content of 5%. Hardness 11-12 (KHN), glass transition temperature Tg 500C.

    Harder than B72 but more easily soluble. 100% solid granules.

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