Perfect Binding Press

    SKU: TTS066003





    With this easy to use binding press you can easily bind loose sheets of paper into a book using nothing more than the press and glue. The press works simply by clamping the stack of pages, and then has a flexible top section which allows the binding edge of the book to be fanned left and right. This allows a small amount of adhesive in between each of the pages, allowing each page to be more securely glued into the binding. The maximum size of a book back can be (34cm)13.25" long and 2" thick. This type of binding is also referred to as a double fan binding. The binder is made of birch plywood with a brown top layer, to which the glue will not stick. However we advise to use paper sheets for protection.

    The working method in three steps:

    1. Place the binder upside down on a flat surface and open it as far as required. Make sure all 4 swivels are turned down to hold the jaws straight. Make a square block of the loose sheets and sink them with the back down between the jaws. Place the block in the middle and push the sheets at the top equal. Clamp the block by turning the wingnuts.
    2. Turn the binder with the jaws up and turn the swivels out. Now you can bend the sheets in two directions while the block is clamped. Glue the back in these two positions while it is bent. Always use protection sheets or tape to keep the jaws clean.
    3. Turn the swivels back straight and let the glue dry. If necessary, use mull (starched cheesecloth) to strengthen the back.